All Bets Are On | Maine & Chi Junior National

Maine-Anjou Voice Editor/Director of Show, Communications & Events, Lindsey Broek took every opporunity she could to not get the water bucket this year, by volunteering to dump it on Kendall Bremer during the annual Herdman Gathering.

Dalton Kennedy does a late afternoon rinse to cool off his heifer.

We know Jake, Tuesday’s are ruff

Oh no, more Tuesday casualties.

Barns were busy this morning!

It’s time to get some last minute hair work in before the Maine event.

Brooke Hayden blows out her heifer this morning.

Everyone needs a good pal.

Like, a honey badger, James Sullivan don’t care.

P.D. Miller on the wash rack this evening.

Reese and Quade Richardson are all smiles on this Tuesday!

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