AJSA National Classic | StocK Show University Showmanship Showdown

Stock Show University Manager, Taylor Harrison kicks off tonights showdown!


What Not To Wear, “Tommy” Schaeffer style.


Founder of Sullivan Supply & Stock Show University, John Sullivan talks showmanship techniques with the crowd.


Professor, Nate Tice tells the crowd his showmanship preferences.


Braedon Callis sticks his way head of Team Schaeffer & Team Tice.


Joe Dirt or Tim Schaeffer – you decide.


Team Callis comes out on top in tonights Showmanship Showdown!


Team Tommy Schaeffer gets the water bucket and an unfortunate loss.


We had a great and rowdy turn out out for tonight’s Showmanship Showdown Clinic! Thank you to all of the exhibitors that attended!