AGJA Junior Classic | Team Fitting Sponsored by Sullivan Supply

Dillon Phelps packing on the Powder’ful.

Jessie Lowe painting with Sullivan’s Jet Black paint.

Dallas Stroud is looking very patriotic this morning.

Rachelle Anderson balling a tail.

Lara Rittenhouse trust in Sullivan’s Fawn touch up paint.

Madalynn Welsh and Jaylea Pope using a Sullivan’s Tail Bag during the team fitting contest to keep the hair out of unnecessary glue.

Gabrielle Hammer trust in Sullivan’s Ultra White paint to get the job done.

Hayden Stubbs using Andis Pulse ZR2 cordless clippers.

Sarah Carroll using Sullivan’s Black Powder’ful on a hind leg.

Olympians aren’t the only ones who take home cool medals.

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