Adcock Land and Livestock Online Heifer and Embryo Sale

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Lot 1
Sire: CWT Burn Notice Y12
We are starting off our online sale with a powerhouse in Lot 1. The Proven Queen cow family speak for themselves in the Angus breed and we feel this cross with Burn Notice took it to the next level. Everything you want in show heifer and a donor female. Invest in her with confidence.

Lot 4
Sire: Mr HOC Broker
This baldy hits you like a wrecking ball when you walk into the pen. We think this one is just flat out good so instead of listing all of her redeeming qualities just enter your bids on the right and save us all some time.

Lot 10, 11, 12 – Embryos
Sire of Embryos – Mr TR PZC Hammer 308A, FBF1 Combustible
Another opportunity to get a piece of this proven cow family. Nicolette has hit the mark over and over no matter what mating has been thrown her way. It would take a novel to write out all the accomplishments her daughters and sons have collected in the ring and generated for their owners so to save us from that just start bidding. We think it is a no brainer.