Aberdeen Junior Nationals I The Coolest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Don’t worry mom, I got this. Charlee Yochum had it all under control during PeeWee Showmanship.

Cami Emberson was up and at it early getting some showmanship prep in.

Tyran Goss was pumped to use his new Sullivan Supply Showstick that he received during check in!

Austin Petow and Showmanship Judge Jack Green converse during the Senior Showmanship Drive

Alex Holthaus knows how to prep for his time in the ring!

This is one smart guy, Connor Somers, with his Sullivan Supply Smart Sensation Brush!

Ms. Frizzle or Lisa Nickells, the world may never know!

Ciara Emberson makes sure that hair care is top notch with her Sullivan Supply 360 brush for showmanship.

Born in the USA, Steve Hoffman was a crowd favorite during the Over The Hill Showmanship.