A Festive Day at the Grand Fiesta | Maine-Anjou and Chianina National Junior Show

Parker and Kennedy Lockhart buys the first bucket tonight and drenched Eric Walker.

Who knew Sullivan’s Staggered Bristle Roto Brush could be used on people too? Kyle Chapman used the roto brush to give Kody Wall a fun, new hairstyle.

Hanna Noonan blows out her heifer after participating in today’s Sullivan Supply/Stock Show U Team Fitting challenge.

Today’s festivities wore Ryley Funk out so she took a nap in her Stock Show U Chute Hammock.

During the junior divsion of the Stock Show University Fitting Challenge, Hudson Carter and Tyson Fox get help from their dads, Brett Carter and Brian Fox.

When CJ Herr’s hair gets too long at a cow show, Wade Rodgers whips out the clippers 5-speeds to give him a haircut.

Sidney Wisnefski takes her heifer up to the ring with some help from Kassi Rice.

Kyndall Burns gets her hair styled by her mom, Kate, before she goes up to the ring to show her heifer.

Lindsey Broek, Junior Activities Director and Editor of The Maine-Anjou Voice, gets fresh bucket of water slowly poured on her by founder of Sullivan Supply and Stock Show University, John Sullivan.

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