4-Species Stock Show University Clinics | Indiana Stock Show

Professor A.J. Hornback, Sullivan Supply National Sales Representative, explaining the perks of Hydrator conditioner to the swine Stock Show U clinic participants this afternoon.


Professor Brad Sinclair thoroughly explaining the importance of maintaining a daily routine in the show barn.


Professor Maria Crandell made sure to tell all goat participants that Game Changer changes the game on show day!


Professor Evan McClain and assistant Cayden Johnson properly showing how to brace your lamb in the ring.


Professor Erin Sinclair handing out giveaways during the cattle clinic after participant’s questions.


Professor Max Scamihorn explaining the showmanship portion of the goat clinic along with assistant showman, Piper Unger.


A.J. Hornback, Sullivan Supply National Sales Representative, handing out giveaways during the pig clinic.


Tess Mittag, Stock Show U Manager, welcomes Indiana Stock Show exhibitors to the goat Stock Show U clinic.


Professor Brad Sinclair listens and answers to the questions of all the cattle Stock Show U participants today.


Professor Evan McClain answering question over Fighting Five after the clinic today with a sheep Stock Show University participant.


Professor Maria Crandell answering questions during the goat clinic.


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