2022 Cattle Crew Shootout | Trucking It Out Of Belton

Peyton Jenschke won the truck drawing! Only a few more years until he can reach the pedals…

Carson Stone going in for a celebratory hug after receiving the Champion Overall Steer title!

Stiles Patin sticks his calf to the win in the Charolais drive.

Emory Homann makes sure her mom doesn’t forget the Sullivan’s Rejuvenate!

Wyatt Gandy is all American this morning during the National Anthem.

Jagger Horn starts the crew’s day off with bible study in the stalls.

Swayzee Harlan big cheesing for another day in Belton!

Jason Cromean clips out a front leg.

Sullivan’s Red Rebel Showbox sighting in Belton today!

Alison Bond makes sure her calves are show day ready!

There is nothing better than being surrounded by all of your friends within the industry while listening to a great sermon. Thank you, Colt Aaron!