2018 National Boer Goat Show | Sullivan Supply/Stock Show U Fitting Contest: Senior Champion Team

Kids love to fit!

This year Sullivan Supply/Stock Show U sponsored the first ever Fitting Contest at the National Boer Goat Show in Grand Island, Nebraska held June 10th – 15th. There was a phenomenal turnout for the first year with 40 teams competing in Junior and Senior Divisions. The contest was a chance for the exhibitors to get the chance to enjoy something new while also learning how to better their animal. We wanted to recognize our Senior Champion Fitting Team consisting of Carson Wheeler of Luther, Oklahoma and Emma Rethans of Patterson, California. Carson and Emma were standouts during the contest and have some fitting experience under their belts to help lead them to the top. The two have been in the goat industry for several years and enjoyed the first ever Sullivan Supply/Stock Show U Fitting Contest and this year’s National Show. We took the time to interview Carson and Emma and here is what they had to say.

How long have you been showing/attending the National Boer Goat Show

Carson: I started showing when I was 9 years old, with 2 goats. I did not know what I was doing at the time, but all I knew was I didn’t like standing at the bottom of the class. I’ve been fortunate enough to become friends with several breeders across the U.S. in my show career. These people have helped me learn about the goat industry, and how to pick high-quality animals throughout the years. I have attended the National Boer Goat Show for 2 years.

Emma: I grew up showing, I started showing goats when I was 9 years old and have been attending the National Boer Goat Show for 3 years. I also began showing cattle when I was 12 years old. Back home we have 40 goats and focus our efforts towards bother Wethers and Breeding Doe genetics.

What was your favorite part about the Sullivan Supply/Stock Show U Fitting Contest? Have you been fitting goats long, or was this fitting contest a getting your feet in the water for it?

Carson: My favorite part of the fitting contest was to compete with other fitting teams from across the country. I have been fitting goats since I was 13 years old, and it has always been one of the best parts of the show.

Emma: My favorite thing about the contest was being able to get more experience and being able to fit with a really good friend of mine. I have 3 years experience of fitting prior to this National Boer Goat Show.

What is your favorite product to use daily? On show day?

Carson: My favorite everyday Sullivan Supply product is Rejuvenate, the product helps protect the skin while keeping their hair smooth. My favorite show day products are Tail Adhesive and Powder’Ful. Tail Adhesive has the best hold and natural look while fitting. Powder’Ful gives a thicker, fuller look, but still looks natural. I also love how the Powder’Ful helps dry the tail adhesive, so I can clip quicker and easier. These products are a must have for at home uses and show ring preparation.

Emma: My favorite Sullivan Supply product to use is Volumizer for daily hair care. I love to use Tail Adhesive and Powder’Ful when getting my goat ready on show day.

What piece of advice would you give to younger exhibitors just beginning?

Carson: Don’t ever give up on something that challenges you, the end accomplishments will benefit greatly. Learn all you can from people that are better than you, and practice to be just as good as them.

Emma: Use a light coats of Tail Adhesive coupled with lots of combing, and always take your time and have fun with it.

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