2018 AIJCA Charolais National Jr. Show | Exhibitor Spotlight

We sat down and talked to Shade and Breeze Bunker of Sparta, WI. Shade and Breeze have been coming to the Charolais National Junior Show for the past 7 years exhibiting cattle and representing their family’s operation, JA Charolais. Get to know Shade and Breeze in our interview!

Shade Bunker showing her heifer.

What is you favorite part of junior nationals?

Shade: My favorite part is meeting new people and seeing old friends. I also enjoy showing off all the hard work we have done on our cattle over the year.
Breeze: I enjoy meeting new people and seeing old friends.

What does the association mean to you?

Shade: It has helped me learn how to promote my breed and how to be an advocate for agriculture in my community.
Breeze: It has taught me a lot about our breed and all the opportunities it offers.

What are you future goals within the association?

Shade: Someday I want to be on the junior board. I also hope to get a scholarship for college.
Breeze: I want to run for Miss Charolais USA and get scholarships for college.

Breeze Bunker showing one of her heifers.

What is your favorite junior nationals memory?

Shade: My favorite memory was last year when I had 4th overall bred & owned heifer. It meant a lot because I had put a lot of work into that heifer.
Breeze: My favorite memory was when our fitting team got reserve overall last year. It was really cool because we put a lot of hard work into it.

What advice would you give to juniors who are just getting involved?

Breeze: Never give up. Its a lot of work, but in the end its all worth it.
Shade: Get involved. Do the contests, do the activities, because it helps you meet new people and you get to make friends who will stick with you forever.

What is the best part of going to all the shows together?

Shade: We go as a family and this is our vacation. It’s fun to go to different places together and we make the most if it.