Grand Champion Bred & Owned Heifer
C BAR1 Serendipity 5054 ET
Sire: WLB Winchester Powerball 27A
Dam: BR Bailee 1066 ET
Congratulations to Piper Colyer of Bruneau, ID!

Reserve Grand Champion Bred & Owned Heifer
4M 100W Pandora 1605
Sire: NJW 73S M326 Trust 100W ET
Dam: C BAR1 9161 Untapped 2255 ET
Congratulations to Roslynn McGhehey of Redmond, OR!

Third Overall Bred & Owned Heifer
Gohr Platinum 6074
Sire: C Gohr Thrill Ride 4105
Dam: Gohr Beyond Platinum 1102
Congratulations to Fallon Gohr of Madras, OR!

Fourth Overall Bred & Owned Heifer
KT’S Miss Nicki 601 ET
Sire: GKB 88X Laramie B293
Dam: DM Dominette 136
Congratulations to Kati Fehlman of Junction City, KS!

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