Supreme Champion Heifer
Champion ShorthornPlus
Sire: Silveiras Style
Dam: Right Direction
Bred by: Sullivan Farms
Sold by: Schaeffer-Tice
Congratulations to Taylor Morbitzer!

Reserve Supreme Champion Heifer
Champion Simmental
Sire: Revival
Dam: She’s So Sweet
Bred & Sold by: Jones Show Cattle
Congratulations to Meghan Reed!

Third Overall Heifer
Champion Chianina
Sire: Silveiras Style
Dam: Red Thunder
Bred by: Udell
Sold by: CEG, Green Oaks Farm, Sean Isaacson
Congratulations to Abbie Collins!

Fourth Overall Heifer
Champion Percentage Simmental
Sire: Mr HOC Broker
Dam: Loves to Smile 029U
Bred & Sold by: Jones Show Cattle
Congratulations to Justin Reed!

Fifth Overall Heifer
Champion Angus
Sire: Silveiras Style
Dam: Kingsway Georgina 265
Bred by: Kingsway Angus
Sold by: Winegardner
Congratulations to Justin Seifker!

Sixth Overall Heifer
Champion Mainetainer
Sire: Man 2 Man
Dam: GOET Miley 80T
Bred & Sold by: Goettemoeller
Congratulations to Kathy Lehman!

Seventh Overall Heifer
Reserve Champion Angus
Sire: OSU Class Act
Dam: SCC Phyllis 051
Bred by: Four Corners Farm, Stertzbach Cattle Co.
Sold by: Stertzbach Cattle Co.
Congratulations to Delaney Jones!

Eighth Overall Heifer
Reserve Champion Percentage Simmental
Sire: C&C McKinley
Dam: Cinderella (Step Up)
Bred & Sold by: CampbellCo
Congratulations to Matt Koverman!

Ninth Overall Heifer
Champion High Percentage AOB
Sire: Air Force One
Dam: Limousin
Bred by: Thomas & Sons
Sold by: CEG, Lawrence Cattle
Congratulations to Erin Lawrence!

Tenth Overall Heifer
Champion Hereford
Sire: Miles McKee
Dam: Harley
Bred by: Sullivan Farms
Sold by: Kolt Cattle Co.
Congratulations to Lindsey Pugh!

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