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Lot 1
Sire of Embryos: TR Mr. Outkast 6605D
Donor Name: LJR MS Tiger Lilly 20141C ET
Breed: Pb Charolais

Lot 3
Sire of Embryos: Outsider
Donor Name: TR CC Not Finished Yet 1754 ET
Breed: Pb Charolais

Lot 4
Selling the right to flush
Donor Name: 1465 LJR MS N60 Peugeot
Breed: Pb Charolais

Lot 14
Sire of Embryos: Broker
Donor Name: LJR MS Who Dat I80 2020A
Breed: % Simmental (50%) & High % Chi
Number of Embryos: 4 IVF Heifer

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