Jase Mixer uses Sullivan’s Powder’Ful on a Low Percentage Simmental Heifer.

Nathan Frost puts the smoke on this topline.

Cole Glick uses a Sullivan’s Teflon Comb to pull the front leg of his heifer.

The “Shick Chicks” and their crew work together on this heifer.

Pat Kelly pulls a topline this morning.

When it comes to dialing in bellies, Alec Murphy is your guy.

Laci Wernicke and Calyen Kirchner find the best way to cool off on this hot day is by sitting in the cooler!

AJ Rogers clips out a front leg using his Pulse ZR clippers.

Avery Bennett finishes off a heifer with Sullivan’s Black finisher before heading to the showring.

Carter Hoge dials in a front leg using Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive on his Champion Charolais Female.

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