YCB Fall Classic (Floresville, TX) | Day 1: Top 5 Steers

Grand Champion Overall Steer
Champion Other Cross Steer
Sire: In God We Trust
Dam: Jackson Donor 1970
Bred By: Jeff Jackson
Sold By: Bob Bruns
Congratulations to Bradley Meuth


Reserve Champion Overall Steer
Champion Maine Anjou Steer
Sire: Here I am
Bred By: Wade Rogers
Sold By: John Gevelinger, Brett Moriarty, Jared Floyd
Congratulations to Audrey Felux


Third Overall Steer
Champion Black Cross Steer
Congratulations to Tristan Pfeil


Fourth Overall Steer
Champion Brahman Steer
Sire: Victor
Dam: MAB
Bred & Sold By: John Ed James
Congratulations to Jayce Krauskopf


Fifth Overall Steer
Champion Brangus Steer
Sire: Wall Street
Bred & Sold By: Lucherk Cattle
Congratulations to Khloe Naegelin


Photos Submitted by: Dakota Jaskinia