World Pork Expo | Open Hampshire

Champion Hampshire Boar
Class 2 Winner
Sire: KORB4 All Eyes 23-7
Dam: CFLK3 No Debate 14-5
Congratulations to Cook Family Livestock, Glenwood, Ind.!

Reserve Champion Hampshire Boar
Second Class 2 Winner
Sire: NAJO6 IR 6-5
Dam: NAJO9 Big Gulp 2-8
Congratulations to Austin Joostberns, Dorr, Mich.!

Champion Hampshire Gilt
Class 4 Winner
Sire: BOLN4 Man Amongst Boys
Dam: JLM3 Carry On 21-1
Congratulations to Christopher Contessa, Chandler, Ariz.!

Reserve Champion Hampshire Gilt
Class 5 Winner
Sire: JMJG5 Carry Out 7-8
Dam: FSF3 Cydesdale 12-2
Congratulations to Sydney Cain, Chariton, Iowa!

Photo Source: National Swine Registry Seedstock EDGE
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