Wisconsin State Fair | Movin’ into Milwaukee

Stop by the Sullivan Supply Trailer and see sales representative, Caroline Davis for a smile and service!

Luke Andis putting in the blower work to get his steer ready.

Tropical vibes on a rainy day for this tough tech wearing lamb.

Brody Maroszek and Isaac Doyle enjoying the day in a Sullivan’s Chute Hammock.

Sullivan’s Pig Waters are a barn favorite in Wisconsin.

Brynn Hannes reviving wool on her lamb.

Macy Cross taking the Alpha stance and driving her hog.

Reese Brock working hair on her heifer in preparation for the show.

Megan Bedard adding a little Flare to the sheep barn.

Kelsey Kuehni picking the smart choice to fill her water bucket up.

Halie Schwab knows the importance pop working hair after washing.

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