Winning with the Angus Team Wednesday | National Junior Angus Show

Judge Matt Copeland and Associate Judge Matt Leo evaluated a highly competitive Bred & Owned Female Show at the National Junior Angus Show.

Andrew Foster clips a top.

Jorli Hauge goofs off while Jake Nikkel and Ross Anderson do all the work getting a division champion ready.

Bridget Kucan uses Kleen Sheen to keep her heifer looking fresh.

Jack Dameron helps the crew get his Reserve Champion Division V Bred & Owned Female ready for the ring.

Blue Monkey Tee spotting! Jory Hanson proudly wears the popular t-shirt while fitting a heifer.

Matt Ewing clips a top.

Ryan Callahan helps re-fit his Grand Champion Bred & Owned Female.

Judge Matt Copeland selects Abby Collison’s heifer as Champion Division VI.

Joe Burns hangs out at the chute doin’ a top.

This is what it’s all about. Brad Johnson took the time to help Cale Jensen fit his senior yearling heifer.

Madison Loschke & Cash Schilling keeping their heifers cool on a hot day in Des Moines.

Jera Pipkin keeping the stalls clean.

Garrett Handsaker clipping a back leg.

Judges Matt Copeland and Matt Leo select Ryan Callahan’s heifer as Grand Champion Bred & Owned Female.

The Collison crew celebrates their Reserve Grand Champion win!