Winning Wednesday | Rodeo Austin

A competitive champion lineup at the pre-judging.

Caitlin Skiles chamois their steer.

“You been ranchin’ long?”

Blake Nelson takes the time to visit with every exhibitor.

Cash Hall combs his steers tail.

Madelynn Adams gets her steer ready to show.

Avery and Aubrey Turner know that the showman’s hair is just as important as a steer’s on show day.

Kelli Soefje gets her game face on before the show.

Barrett Shelton uses a Sullivan’s Teflon comb to comb his steers tail.

Kelsea Crow showing her reserve champion overall steer. Congratulations on a successful day!

Aven Horn accepts Champion Other Cross Steer. Congratulations to the Horn family on an extremely successful majors run!