What A Gouda Time | Wisconsin State Fair

Congratulations to Tucker Bayer on your Supreme Champion Junior Heifer!


Surrounded by a sea of Sullivan’s Products, Makenna Smith uses some Powder’Ful to help get her sister’s steer ready.


Clara Henderson’s got this – step aside Jack and Sam.


Nick Whitcomb dials in the tailhead on his Angus Steer


Ryan Oleson gets creative to perfect this tailhead.


Jack Henderson dials in a hind leg.


Junior Heifer Judges, Barry Nowatzke and Micah Dorsey analyze their supreme line-up.


On these hot and humid show days, make sure you’re trusting in Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive. No wilt, No melt.


Brody Maroszek pulls up a hind leg with some Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive.