Welcome to the Maine and Chi Event | Maine & Chi Junior National

Kourtney Grimm has to squeeze in some class time this afternoon.

“People, pleaase no flash photography.”

Kendall  Bremer spotted on the wash rack,  uses a Sullivan’s Smart Sensation.

T.R. Putz uses a Sullvian’s 360 Brush on his heifer this afternoon.

Madison Ratliff works hair tonight.

James Sullivan, you have our vote for best at working hair this week.

Thank you to Maine-Anjou Junior Board Member, Dalton Line for helping us with Check-In today!

Be sure to find one of the Junior Board memebrs to take a selfie with this week!

Stephanine Sindel; Director of Show, Communication & Events, Lindsey Broek; and Katie Martson check-in Maine-Anjou Exhibitors.

Have you gotten a NEW Eskimo Cooling Collar from the Sullivan Supply Trailer yet?

Exhibitors were moving in all day today, it’s Junior National Time!

Sullivan Supply Sales Intern, Kara Cutshaw tries her knack at the paddle ball game being given away at the Pulse Booth.