Virginia Stock Show University Grad Program | Featuring the Next Round of Professors

Master Professor Taylor Harrison helping Olivia Dellinger with fitting a hind leg.

Professor Chris Hawver talking to the group about the do’s and don’ts when fitting a belly lind.

Stock Show University Manager Tess Mittag welcoming the participants to Day 2 of the Grad Program.

Professor Nathan Campbell using Ultra White on a tailhead during the group fitting demo.

Evan McCall using a Handy Sprayer when fitting is calf’s front leg.

Professor Jake Synder demonstrating how to fit a front leg to the audience.

Kate Ramsey fitting a front leg during the one-on-one portion with her Teflon comb and Tail Adhesive.

Sullivan Supply’s National Accounts Manager Rachelle Campbell passing out Stock Show U t-Shirts at the end of the program.

Ryland Scott practicing showmanship this afternoon, keeping warm in his S/S hoodie!

Thank you to all the families that attended the Stock Show U Grad Program this weekend in Harrisonburg!