Tulsa State Fair Team Fitting Contest Winners

Judges –
Buell Job
Chris Conway
Kendall Shrum


Junior Teams:
1st – Shayla Dismukes, Kade Fowler, and Jade McPeak
2nd – Emory Cowley, Emma Haken, and Ava Williams


Intermediate Teams:
4th- Savannah Warren, Faith Humbolt, and Cale Garver
3rd – Justin Fast, Reid Buellesfield, and Bodie Jefferies
2nd – Curtis Canida, Christa Canida, and Paige Elam
1st – Tyler Abney, Kade Sweeney, and Carly Swink


Senior Teams:
6th – Laina Buellesfield, Wyatt Farthing, and Taylee Robedeaux
5h – Justin Herlan, Kyle Chapman, and Kelsey Wall
4th – Blake Janssen, McKenzie Layton, and Lane Smith
3rd – Kash Butler, Kord Butler, & Addy Zellow
2nd – Zoie Williams, Emma Shenold, Ainslie McEndoo
1st – Avary Blakey, Laramie Coffey, and Callie Wilbourn