Tulsa State Fair | Team Fitting Contest Candids

Congratulations to all the winners of the team fitting contest. Pictured with Dan Sullivan, Co-Owner Sullivan Supply South and Jerry McPeak.
Senior Team
1 – Larahmy Blakley, Blake Runner, Wyatt Hancock
2 – Colby Gilpen, Cora Sullivan, Collin Quinn
3 – Bridget Kemp, Nick Purell, Raylen Thompson

1 – Kale Campbell, Drake Williams, Joel Pecho
2 – Brook Kemp, Abigalye Vargas, Nathan Brown
3 – Kelsey Wall, Trycen King, Justin Herlan

Pee Wee
1 – Ashlyn Vargas, Ramsey Kemp, Crista Canida
2 – Carrington Troyer, Jasper Schneider, Dade Dlozier
3-  Cale Garber, Savannah Waren, Faith Humbolt

Larahmy Blakley uses Sullivan’s Powderful on this calf.

Carrington Troyer, Jasper Schneider and Date Dlozier working with their team.

Lauren Chaney perfecting the tail head.

Jerry McPeak is a great supporter of all show cattle youth.

Team Blue Monkey all prepped and ready to go.

Crista Canida working hard on the tail head.

Sullivan Supply is so happy to be working with McPeak’s Be-A-Champ camp and the Tulsa State Fair on this contest.

Wyatt Hancock clipping on the front leg of his calf.