Traditions of the Cove Online Sale by DeanaJak Farms Ends Tonight!

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Lot 1 – Horned Heifer
DOB: 3/1/20
Sire: BR Copper 124Y
Dam: PURPLE Tootsie 34C ET


Lot 3 – Polled Heifer
DOB: 2/3/20
Sire: AH JDH Cracker Jack 26U ET
Dam: JB Remetee 213


Lot 4 – Polled Heifer
DOB: 2/20/20
Sire: KJ CJJ 618U Chevy 454Y
Dam: LCC SHF Miss Lemon Lime 502 ET


Lot 6 – Polled Heifer
Sire: BR Nitro Aventus 3116 ET
Dam: DS 109 Irene 9D


Lot 11 – 3 IVF Heifer Embryos
Sired by: LOEWEN Genesis G16 ET
Donor Dam: JB Remetee 213