Tradition. Heritage. Champions. | Tulsa State Fair

Congratulations to Kelton Arthur on being names the 2019 Champion Heifer at the Tulsa State Fair! Thank you for continually trusting in Sullivan Supply products on your Champions!

Ryan Lane fits on a belly.

Tres Wright uses Sullivan’s Black Finiksher on a hind leg.

Rare Sighting of Wes Horn working his magic on something other than a topline.

Ruby Bell, Cara Cummins, and Carter Kornegay quick pick for The Pulse.

Shane Sturgeon dials in a tailhead

Mason Poole helps out by fitting a frong leg.

Madison Frazier’s Reserve Chianina gets readt for the Grand Drive. Thank you for trusting in Sullivan Supply!

Sam Wallace pulls up a back leg during the Hereford show.

Chance Sweeten works on a tailhead this afternoon.