From the very first-time an animal steps into the show ring, there is a fire in the stomach of every exhibitor, breeder, and livestock enthusiast. As time passes on, new techniques are learned, products are developed, partnerships are made, and rivalries are formed. One thing that has remained constant, regardless of what has happened in the world is our stock show family. We are all part of the stock show family.  When fires blazed, blizzards stormed, and tragedies have struck, we have come together. When times have gotten tough, we let go of grudges, put aside competitiveness, and banded together to support those in need.



Right now is a time where we all need to band together to make sure we are all; safe, hopeful, and prosperous. It seems like everything you view on the news or social media throughout the day has a dark cloud over it. Whether that may be the current update of the spread of the coronavirus or another canceled event. But regardless of how uncertain times are right now, it is important to keep hope in the hearts and minds of every stock show family. There will come a time where our animals will be back in the show ring, hopefully in the not so distant future and we will all come together to have one big stall party to celebrate.



We understand right now it is critical to keep in mind that the health of every person on the planet is the top priority. So, remember to do your part to help slow the spread. But also remember to encourage everyone to continue working on your animals. Don’t give up.  After visiting with several show officials, if they are at a time-sensitive date, they are working toward rescheduling the event, not canceling. 



We may not know what tomorrow is bringing but know one day we will be back in the show ring and what a great day that will be!! Remember we are #toughertogether