Tonight – Sullivan Ranches Labor Day On Line Sale

Make sure to check out Sullivan Ranch North sale tonight on SC or better yet stop in Denison Iowa and check out the stout set of calves selling! We are still hosting our Open House one more day so you can check out our new facilities, talk cattle, have a drink, get a bit to eat and sign up for our big door prizes!
Cattle will sell tonight on SC Online sales
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Lot 1 Char Heifer – Turton x 8063 Easy Pro

Lot 3 Chi Bull/steer – HW x DSUL Kaitlyn B08

Lot 4 Hereford Heifer – Cash Flow x DSUL Brooke 940

Lot 5 steer – MAB X WDM/Meyer

Lot 6 High % Chi heifer WDM X DSUL Kaitlyn B08 (Mon/Katie 491K)