They Simmi Rollin… They Hatin | National Western

Congratulations to Whitney Walker on your Grand Champion Purebred Simmental and Reserve Champion Percentage Simmental Heifers today!

B & K Farms trusts in Sullivan Supply on Show Day, do you?

The Garth Brooks of our generation, Cody Burke, not only can pull off a cowboy hat but can fit the heck out of a tail head.

Josh Nelson works on dialing in this topline.

Congratulations to Jones Show Cattle on a great day, and thank you for trusting in Sullivan Supply!

Ty Bayer works on the topline of this Simmental Heifer.

Michael Brual nails this back leg.

Sam Wallace dials in this top.

Thank you to Butler Creek Ranch for using Sullivan’s line of products on your show string!

Jeff Wisnefski really concentrates on this top line.


Bodie Shipman leads in his Division I Purebred Female into the Grand Drive.

Congratulations to Jack Dameron on your Grand Champion Junior Simmental Heifer today!