The Renegade Showbox

Sullivan’s Renegade Show Box. This high-end quality show box has all the bells and whistles. First of which are the two charging stations that are located in the top compartment of the main body to keep all your gadgets fully charged. The next feature is the LED lights throughout the box to help you find what you’re looking for in poorly lit areas. This box also comes equipped with a can holder slide out for easy access to your aerosol cans and quart bottles. As well as a durable pullout shelf at the bottom so you won’t need to strain yourself grabbing things in the back of the box. The Renegade Show Box is topped off with a beautifully finished Black Hammer Tone Powder Coat to give it a sleek, sharp look. Made with the highest quality craftsmanship, the Renegade Show Box will cover all your show road needs.