The Recovery | Breed Champion Gilts

Champion Berkshire Gilt
Sire: CDEC9 Bulletproof 11-3
Dam: WTX5 Whatever It Takes 14-1
Bred by: Dalton Workman
Congratulations to Chandler Lowes

Champion Chester White Gilt
Sire: 0 Perfect Fit 2-1
Dam: 6 Overruled 10-5
Bred by: Bryleigh & Zane Beyers
Congratulations to Nalaney Guyer

Champion Crossbred Gilt
Sire: 260 Backdrop
Dam: On Target
Congratulations to Lizzie Mabry

Champion Duroc Gilt
Sire: BBBY9 Deal With It 9-7
Dam: WTX7 Si Savvy 128-4
Bred by: Winter Livestock
Congratulations to Teagan Winter

Champion Hampshire Gilt
Champion Bred and Owned
Sire: DCM9 Marvel 17-4
Dam: RMF8 Grand Entrance 9-4
Congratulations to Brailey Lewis

Champion Hereford Gilt
Champion Bred & Owned Hereford Gilt
Sire: 19 Transformer 34-6
Dam: GG Crooked Karma 1-5
Congratulations to Gadson Jervis

Champion Landrace Gilt
Sire: JMG9 Timings Right 27-8
Dam: OTTN8 Organized Chaos 89-4
Bred by: Kent Brattain & Family
Congratulations to Nalaney Guyer

Champion Spot Gilt
Sire: RFSG8 Speak Up 58-2
Dam: GLH8 TCG Keep Dreamin 48-10
Bred by: Lowdermilk Show Pigs
Congratulations to Clara Copenhaver

Champion Tamworth Gilt
Sire: PHILL18 Zeater 19-10
Dam: Loof16 Big Red 7-1
Bred by: Teagan Walker
Congratulations Brystol Brunton

Champion Yorkshire Gilt
Sire: HHHE0 Well Played 11-3
Dam: RIY5 Capital Gain 72-1
Bred by: Caleigh, Kolten, & Brailey Lewis
Congratulations to Kolten Lewis

*Results shared from Team Purebred