The Pulse | National Junior Shorthorn Show

We are so excited to be covering the National Junior Shorthorn Show, take a look at some of the things you can expect from the week, and don’t miss complete coverage from the event on The Pulse.


Saturday, June 20
Cattle allowed in the barns.
2:00 pm Junior board meeting
5:30 pm State advisor meeting

Sunday, June 21
8:00 AM – All Cattle Must be in Place
8:00 AM – Cattle check-in begins – all animals must be weighted
9:00 AM – Contest and project registration begins
12:00 PM – All projects, juniors and cattle checked in
1:00 PM – Judging of arts, poster, graphic design, photography and state projects – Swine Building
1:00 PM – Youth Conference I
1:30 PM – Shorthorn SideKicks 1
3:15 PM – Judging Contest
5:45 PM – Line up for state photos
6:45 PM – Opening Ceremonies

Monday, June 22
8:00 AM – Showmanship
8:00 AM – Live Broadcast starts by LiveAuctions.TV
1:00 PM – Youth Conference II
1:30 PM – Shorthorn Sidekicks 2
2:00 PM – Beef Cook-off
3:00 PM – Junior board interviews
3:30 PM – Team Sales
5:00 PM – Stock Show University Clinic
6:00 PM – Sullivan Supply/Stock Show U Wounded Warrior Bootcamp

Tuesday, June 23
8:00 AM – Speech Contest
9:00 AM – Golf Outing
10:00 AM – Lassie Princess Hour
11:00 AM – Youth Conference III – Voting Delegates Only
11:30 AM – Lassie 101/Lassie Social
12:00 PM – Quiz Bowl
3:00 PM – Team Fitting Contest
5:00 PM – Free Night

Wednesday, June 24
8:00 AM – Bred & Owned Heifer Show, Bred & Owned Cow/Calf Show, ShorthornPlus Steer Show, Bred & Owned Bull Show, ShorthornPlus Heifer Show & ShorthornPlus Cow/ Calf Show, Market Steer Show
8:00 AM – Live Broadcast starts by LiveAuctions.TV
6:00 PM – Awards Ceremony

Thursday, June 25
8:00 AM – National Junior Shorthorn Heifer & Cow/Calf Show
8:00 AM – Live Broadcast starts by LiveAuctions.TV
12:00 PM – Release of all Arts Etc., Posters, Graphic Design, etc.
All cattle released following show. All cattle and tack must be out of barns.

Make sure you find some time to stop one of these great faces of Sullivan Supply and Stock Show University this week and let them tell you about all the exciting things happening with the company.

Throughout our first week in Grand Island we had time to try several restaurants in the area and these are our picks for must-eat places!

Texas TBone Steakhouse
It might be a steak house but their Create-Your-Own salad must be on your order. Huge salads with your choice of all the toppings you could want.
Address: ‪1201 S Locust St, Grand Island, NE 68801-8292 ‬‬
Phone Number: 308-382-9474

Real authentic Italian food, from the moment you enter the door you are immersed in Italian culture.
Address: ‪3421 Conestoga Drive, Grand Island, NE ‬‬
Phone Number: 308 675 1771

La Cabana
A great Mexican choice close to the facilities.
Address: ‪1201 South Locust St. Ste A, Grand Island, NE 68801 ‬‬
Phone Number: (308) 675-0043 ‎

Looks like another warm, wet week in Grand Island!

Here is our picks for the hot songs of the summer!!