The Insider’s Guide to Healthy, Hydrated Hair | Tips From Stock Show University

When developing a daily hair care program for your animal, it is important to remember that a hair growth cycle is around 100–120 days. Your daily care routine should be consistent, as consistency is KEY! Developing a hair care routine for your animal is significant because healthy hair leads to your animal looking the best they can on show day.


By using a Sullivan’s Dually Hair Shedding Comb, map out when your animal needs to be looking 100 percent. When you are around the 100–120 days out from that show, use a Sullivan’s shedding comb to remove any dead or unhealthy hair from the animal’s hide. This allows your animal to grow a new, healthy hair coat for your target show. Each day after the shedding process, you should start by getting your calf into the barn before the sun rises, and it starts to get warm outside. This means that feeding should take place inside the barn under fans. 


After your animal is done eating, it is time to take them to the wash rack. You will need to shampoo your animal with Sullivan’s Volumizer and then followed with Sullivan’s Hydrator Conditioner. By rinsing every morning and night, you are lowering your animal’s body temperature, which leads to hair growth. 


After the wash rack, it is time to work the hair. The first task is to use a Sullivan’s blower to dry your animal. You will want to make sure your animal is completely dry before you head over to the next step. After your animal is dry, apply Sullivan’s Revive or Revive Lite all over your animal. Relieve is the #1 Daily Hair and Skin Conditioner. It is at this time that you will also want to work hair with a Rice Root Brush and a Roto Brush. Be sure when using a Roto Brush that you need to cover your animal’s tail with a Sullivan’s Tail Bag.


For the evening routine, you will repeat the hair routine mentioned before. There is no need to wash two times a day, as that is harder on the hair, so you can just rinse your calf and then continue your animal’s hair care routine. A helpful recommendation is that you can swap out Revive or Revive Lite in the evening with Kleen Sheen. 


After you are done working in the evening, it is time to feed your animal and kick your animal outside the barn once the sun goes down. 

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