The Heats Turned On | Show Steer Junior Nationals

Judge, Brent Murphy analyzes Layton McMurphy’s eventual Reserve Angus Steer.


Sullivan’s Game Changer is every Blow N’ Go Show’s show day necessity!

Kinlee Rathmann got the coveted handshake today.


Lee Filehman dials in a steer this afternoon.


Have you stopped by the Sullivan Supply trailer to pick up your very own tumbler yet?


Taryn Landes blowing out her calf for show day.

James Jeffrey uses some Sullivan’s Clear Styling Mousse to get a British Cross ready.


Judges, Tyler Norvell and Brent Murphy discuss a breed line-up.


Never leave home without your Sullivan’s Final Bloom and The Beast livestock blower.


Today’s Champions were crowned… stay tuned to see who receives the honors tomorrow.