The Exposition I Until We Meet Again, Expo!

Lana Boyle was equipped for success with her Sullivan Supply Balance Whip!

We may have just found the next generation to add to the Pulse crew, Claire Copenhaver, Hayes Welch, and Teddy Newman were running the show today!

Sullivan Supply has the goods – Bright Lights & Rejuvenate make the perfect wash rack pair.

Watch out Travis Platt, Brantley is ready to take over!

Sullivan’s EX85 Brush is the showman’s brush of choice.

Hey Expo, we hear these guys, Kade Jackson and Riggin Isaacs, are for hire next year!

The New Sullivan’s Alpha Whip was spotted in the Open Show Ring today.

Thank you Clay Zwilling, NSR CEO, for your service over the years & helping pull of this week’s Exposition!

That’s a wrap Expo, until next year!