The Exposition | Chester Barrows

Champion Chester Barrow
Sire: YNTS5 Made to Order 36-2
Dam: RKK6 Hill Jack in the Box 26-3
Bred by: Briggs Yantis
Congratulations to Bryce Bedeker

Reserve Chester Barrow
Sire: YNTS8 Backdoor 32-4
Dam: YNTS5 Made to Order 36-2
Bred by: Sam & Sarah Smoot
Congratulations to Alex Klemme

Third Overall Chester Barrow
Sire: 5 First Take 12-1
Dam: 4 Pillow Talk 44-3
Sold by: Bryleigh & Zane Beyers
Congratulations to Brooke Beyers

Fourth Overall Chester Barrow
Sire: 7 Hill Gotcha Covered
Dam: RKK4 Ein 56-3
Bred by: Kaden Mason
Congratulations to Kaden Mason

Fifth Overall Chester Barrow
Sire: RKK6 Hill Jack in the Box 26-3
Dam: 6 Whiplash 11-2
Bred by: Emily Gerke
Congratulations to Wyatt Martin