The Distinguished $20,000 Sullivan Supply / Stock Show University Scholarship 2018 Recipients

Since the inception of the Distinguished $20,000 Sullivan Supply/Stock Show University Scholarship in 2008, we have gifted over $200,000 to an elite group of young individuals with unmatched talent. This year we received 1,479 applications from 44 states and Canada. It’s been our great pleasure to see these kids grow within this great livestock industry. It’s because of them that we are so highly encouraged about what we do, from this scholarship program to Stock Show U clinics, to Junior National sponsorships, to introducing new products to the industry, we are so honored to be a part of it all.

We want to thank our scholarship selection committee of industry leaders (non-Sullivan Supply employees or family members) who spend many hours of volunteer time to help us with this mission.

Congratulations to all 1,479 applicants.


John Sullivan, Founder Sullivan Supply and Stock Show University