The Circus Is Coming to Town | National Jr. Shorthorn Show

Cole Whisman uses the Sullivan’s Roto Fluffer to work leg hair this evening.

Be sure to look out for Tyler Vondar and Cowan Bishell as they givewaway free popcorn and water!

Cortney Cates blows out the front leg of a heifer this morning

Shorthorn exhibitors have arrived under the Big Top!

Braeden Mitchell uses a Sullivan Stimulator Fluffer Comb on the wash rack.

It’s a great birthday for Justin Wadlow filled with Shorhorns and clipping!

It’s all hands on deck for crews to set-up stalls today.

Dominic Fouts and Madeline Berg look like they are having a blast setting up stalls.

Sullivan Supply is proud to be a sponsor of the National Jr. Shorthorn Show, we are looking forward to an awesome week in Madison, Wisconsin!