The Branded Show Gear Classic – May 31st in Monroe, Wisconsin


From the Branded Show Gear:

“?With the current situation there are some guidelines and policies that we know you guys will all respect and adhere too – We know you are just as excited as we are to have a live show to attend, so I know everyone will be able to follow these guidelines. Thanks very much in advance!?


♦️A couple things that ABSOLUTELY must be followed!
1. No pigs can arrive prior to 5:00 am Sunday morning, May 31. We must park in an organized manner, and will not be allowing pigs on the ground prior to this time.

2. Upon arriving, you will need to sign a waiver -which states you do not hold any one with the show, at the show, or with the grounds liable. You are attending at your own risk.

3. We will have a guideline of social distancing suggestions that we please ask that you adhere to.

4. Please only bring your immediate family, and limit the number of people at the ring. Ideally one person to accompany each exhibitor to the ring to keep gathering at a minimum.

5. Please gather at your trailers with the people you came with and avoid large gatherings in one area.

6. You must bring whatever PPE equipment you feel you need (masks, sanitizers, gloves, etc). We will not be providing or requiring PPE, but you are welcome to bring whatever you feel you need.

7. There will not be a concession stand, we ask that you bring your own coolers and drinks

8. There will be no bleachers.

9. You must pickup your own trash and shavings.Please do not come if you are sick, or believe you may be sick.


1. Must follow WI Guidelines for out of state and in-state hogs. No exceptions. There will be a vet to check health papers. WI Health guidelines MUST BE followed!

2. No registration papers are required, however we will be using the honor system – pures are to show as pures, crosses are to show as crosses.

3. Weights – All pigs will weigh Sunday morning, that will be your official show weight


♦️PRE ENTRY/Entry Process
1. Please help us expedite the check in process on Sunday by pre-entering what you are planning on bringing to the show.

2. Payment of entries will be made on Sunday morning. $25/pig/show.

3. You will need to fill out a entry form for each animal you are bringing.


Saturday – 8:00 PM – Pre-Entries Close.


5:00 AM Trailers may begin to arrive. No trailers allowed prior to this.
Parking must be done in an organized manner, we will have someone available to assist with parking in proper locations.

5:30-8:30 – Checkin & Day of show entries.
All pigs must weigh and entries fees must be paid.
All entries are final at this time.

9 AM: The Uff Da Classic Show, beginning with Berkshire Gilts.
Barrows to follow
Judge Bret Vickrey, IN


Immediately following the conclusion of show one will be one Showmanship which will serve for Both Shows.


The Branded Show Gear Classic will immediately follow the completion of Showmanship, beginning with Berk Gilts.
Judge Thomas Crome, IL.


?Pre-enter at: