The Boys are Back In Town | Cattlemen’s Congress (Oklahoma City, OK)

Congratulations to Chris & Sharon M Sankey, Silveira Bros, and Rockin S Ranch Inc on being selected as the Grand Champion Open Angus Bull!


Preston Graves perfects a back leg.


Matt Copeland dials in a tailhead.


Eli Smallwood uses Sullivan’s Copper Red Touch Up Paint on a back leg.


Alex Bauer was selected as your 2021 Angus Herdsman of the Year.


Congratulations to Blakelee Hayes and Buck Cattle Company on exhibiting the Champion Horned Hereford Bull this afternoon!


Eric Thomas pulls up a topline.


Garrett Blanchard and Zane Ward get an Angus bull ready.


Shayne Myers waits to lead the eventual Champion Polled Hereford Bull to the ring. Congratulation to Hoffman Herefords, Haroldsons Polled Herefords,  and Poplar Meadows!


Team Barber was busy at the stalls today! Thank you for trusting in Sullivan Supply Products!


Hereford Judge, Brandon Callis gives his final remarks during the Grand Bull Drive.


Austin Breeding works on a hind leg.


Sullivan’s Red Velvet is the paint of choice for Jim Moker.


Express Ranches gets their Reserve Division Polled Hereford bull ready.


Tanner Banks builds a belly with Sullivan’s Powder’Ful.