The Big E Virtual Supreme Voting – Angus

There is online voting going on now that allows for everyone to be the judge in the Big E Virtual Supreme competition. Ill post the link to that selection below. This heifer has been the culmination of a very long dream of mine, winning with one born and raised on my farm. As such, I guess you could say, she has been a wish come true for me. I want to take this wish and pass it forward, If SLFA Brilliant Lady 42D can accomplish winning the virtual competition, the purse of $500 that is to be awarded will be donated to the Make A Wish Foundation in its entirety. Please consider taking a moment and cast your vote for her, I would like to pass these funds forward to a charity as phenomenal as Make-A-Wish.

Her Accomplishments:
Grand champion Angus female:
Goshen fair
Hebron fair
Durham Fair
Res. Champion:
Berlin Fair
Grand Champion Angus
The Big E
Durham Fair
Berlin Fair
Res. Champion Angus:
Hebron fair
Supreme female of the Durham Fair
Supreme female of the Berlin Fair
Res. Jackpot female of the Big E jackpot Show
Never lost a class
Champion, re. or supreme everytime shown

Vote by following this link and looking for SLFA Brilliant Lady 42D