Texas State Jr. Charolais Show | Top 5 Bred & Owned Heifers

Grand Champion Bred & Owned Heifer
GC Miss Goldie 018 P
Sire: GC MR Gold Rush 805 P
Dam: WDZ WIA Angelina 77
Bred by: Camille Greer
Congratulations to Camille Greer


Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Heifer
BHSC CDC Wanheda 55H
Sire: M&M Outsider 4003 PLD
Dam: CD Tina 6112 P
Bred by: Carson Carter
Congratulations to Carson Carter


Third Overall Bred & Owned Heifer
Sire: FF Mr Turton 6002
Dam: LCR Ms Firewater 100C
Bred by: Mason Leifeste
Congratulations to Mason Leifeste


Fourth Overall Bred & Owned Heifer
CNH Helen 02H
Sire: TR CAG Carbon Copy 7630E ET
Dam: TR Ms Outsider 7950E ET
Bred by: Corbin Hunt
Congratulations to Corbin Hunt


Fifth Overall Bred & Owned Heifer
Bar S Becky’s Out 1632
Sire: BOY Outlier 812 ET PLD
Dam: PS Bar S Snow White
Bred by: Ally Stapleton
Congratulations to Ally Stapleton