T-Shirt Time!

2021 NJSA Show Tour T-Shirt Design Contest!

The NJSA and Seedstock EDGE Media team welcome all NJSA members to participate in the 2021-2022 NJSA Show Tour T-Shirt Design Contest. One design will be selected for use. Submit designs to NSR Creative Design Coordinator DeShea Wallace at [email protected] by July 1.

1. One submission per NJSA member.
2. Design submissions may be hand-drawn or electronically curated. All hand-drawn submissions reserve the right to be electronically created by the NSR Creative Design Coordinator.
3. NSR reserves the right to alter color and design given the ability of the production company.
4. Shirt styles are available in a standard cotton tee or a standard cotton pocket tee.
5. All entries can be used by the NSR, NJSA and the Seedstock EDGE Media for publication and promotion.