Sweet Summertime at the Indiana State Fair

Collin Langston takes his time in a back leg.

Serena Clock uses Sullivan’s Hair Savior and Smart Scrub to break down her Angus heifer this morning.

Lane Steinke makes sure every hair is just right on the tailhead.

Colton Deckard uses Sullivans Tail Adhesive to pull a back leg.

Xavier Ferris builds a belly with Sullivan’s Powder’ful.

Rylie Lanum keeps her heifer cool today in the chute with her new Sullivan’s Eskimo Throw.

Brian Goettemoeller pulls a topline with Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive

Alex Wilkerson finishes off a heifer today with Sullivan’s Black Finisher.

Burk Van Horn pulls out the famous blue monkey can to pull a back leg.

The Streimatter crew is all hands on deck this afternoon

Cameron Guernsey does some finishing touches before heading up to the ring.

Carlyn and Bug Blue work together to pull a front leg on their heifer.