Sure Champ T-Shirt Day at Chi/Maine/Shorthorn Junior National

Sure Champ has been a major sponsor for several years at a large majority of Junior National, with this Sure Champ T-Shirt Day was created. And today is the day. Below are some great words of wisdom form Crystal Blin.


  • Why is it so important for Sure Champ to give back to the youth of the stock show industry?

That begins with Bob and Lisa Norton the owners of BioZyme and they have the philosophy that this is the next generation of agriculture. So it is important to give these kids every opportunity possible to be successful.

  • What tips do you have for surviving junior national week for both you and your cattle?

– People – Bring more than one comfortable pair of shoes. Sure champ has a water only possible, trying to stay healthy. Be sure to meet lots of new friends, cause even if the show ring isn’t perfect you will remember the friends.

– Cattle – We recommend Vita Charge to help stimulate appetite and help improve overall heath.

  • Do you have any new products that you would like to tell everyone about?

We have a new product called Vita Ferm Heat. It is a lose mineral, design to combat heat stress and fresco pasture. Heat is available only this summer. More information can be found at Also make sure to watch for us to launch a new product in August.

    • I know your Sure Champ wheel is always a hit with the kids at junior nationals. What are the details on the wheel this year?? 

Sure Champ Wheel is open twice a day at 10 am and 2 pm. Everyone has a chance to spin and answer quiz bowl style questions. The correct answers receive tokens that can be turned in for sure champ swag.

Don’t forget to attend the Vita Ferm Nutrition clinic tomorrow at 4:00 pm in the Pavillion arena. And make sure to stay for Stock Show University clinic to follow!!