Supreme San Antonio | San Antonio Stock Show

An excited crew poses for pictures.

Chief & Sarg… the dynamic duo strike again.

Jeff Jackson uses Natural White to get Payton Herzogs Champion Charolais ready for the grand drive.

Cash Langford clips up a storm on the reserve champion British heifer.

Gracie Price getting her reserve champion Maine ready for grand drive.

Bret Barber uses a Smart Scrub to get their champion Hereford ready.

Kascie Shifflett – when the judge is telling you how great your heifer is but you already know.

Robin and Holly Thomas celebrate after their Red Angus Champion win today.

Macie McCollum and Tony Jeffs work hair on the reserve supreme champion.

Maddison Metzler gets her heifer ready for grand drive.

Quincy West uses a Root Fluffer on Georgia Bezner’s Supreme Champion female. Thanks for trusting Sullivan’s line of products on show day!

Hoyt, Crystal and Kaylee Mcinvale getting their Simmental ready for grand drive.