Sullivan’s Turbo Fan

Keeping your livestock cool and growing hair depends on providing a high velocity of air flow to the animal. Some fans claim to blow lots of air, but its the speed or air velocity that is important for cooling. This is what improves hair growth in show animals. The special 3 wing blade and now an even stronger, more powerful motor is engineered to work in unison to produce more air velocity than any other livestock fan ever. This 24” livestock fan provides the following features:
• Innovative blade design features a 3 wing blade system to blow air at a higher velocity for more overall airflow.
• The TURBO is equipped with a heavy duty ½ horsepower ball bearing motor that is perfectly engineered to the blade and guard so that it can deliver the maximum velocity of air possible. Super efficient- only draws 4 amps of electricity!
• Specially designed guard is built to last. It is reinforced in areas that other fans are weak. Shape of guard is designed to better protect the blade from damage. No other fan guard withstands the rigors of the show road like the Turbo. Guard complies with OSHA regulations.
• Front of guard opens so you can easily clean the blades to keep your fan running at it’s peak performance.
• Specially coated guard is black in color for a cleaner appearance, enabling fans to blend with your display.