Sullivan Supply/TJLA Fall Classic | Heifers – Ring A

Champion Female
Champion Charolais
LJR MS Satin 22E
Sire: Red Neck Man
Dam: LJR Miss White Satin 401
Bred by: Jeff Jackson
Sold by: Jackson & SBCC
Congratulations to Payton Herzog

Reserve Female
Champion AOB
Sire: Quantum Leap
Dam: Style
Bred by: Sullivan Farms
Sold by: Fitz Genetics
Congratulations to Colton Barton

Third Overall Female
Champion Limousin
Bred by: Super C Limi & Cheramie Viator
Sold by: Jeff Jackson and Justin Vehige
Congratulations to Cole Sullivan

Fourth Overall Female
Champion Red Angus
Sire: Card Shark
Dam: Weber Packer
Bred by: Rodger & Steph Beare
Sold by: Jeff Jackson & Cheramie Viator
Congratulations Madison Fischer

Fifth Overall Female
Champion Brahman
MS CBR Jasmine 655/7
Sire: MR CBR Coach 535/3
Dam: MS WCC Foxy Cleopatra 144/5
Bred by: Payton Herzog
Congratulations to Payton Herzog