Sullivan Supply – Hillsboro – Customer Service Focused Sales Team

The Sullivan Supply Hillsboro, Texas team has recently expanded and experienced tremendous growth! Sullivan’s has focused on developing an experienced, customer service focused, show team and with the addition of Taylor Reinke, Andrew Matthews and Hunter Woodruff we are confident you you’ll agree that they are the real deal. We would like for you, our customer, to get to know this outstanding sales team. Take a look at the interview below to learn more about our Sales Representatives and be sure to go by the trailer at your next show to say hello!

What is your favorite thing about working for Sullivan Supply?
Andrew: Being able to travel to shows and meet all kinds of people from different places.
Taylor: My favorite thing about working for Sullivan Supply is the traveling and that nothing beats our customers and the people we meet at livestock shows.
Hunter: My favorite thing about working for Sullivan Supply is being given the privilege to represent such a great company and be a part of the stock show community.

Taylor Reinke educates a crowd on Sullivan Supply products at a Stock Show University clinic.

How do you hope to help your customers?
Andrew: I strive to give my customers the most honest and helpful answers to help get them to the backdrop.
Taylor: I hope to help my customers by better choosing the products right for them with hopes they have full satisfaction when leaving our trailer and that they know we are rooting for them every step of the way as they compete with their animals.
Hunter: I like to get to know my customers as well as I can so that I understand their unique needs.

What is your favorite Sullivan supply product?
Andrew: White Powder’Ful is my favorite because it is a versatile product that can be used on multiple species of livestock.
Taylor: My favorite product is Sullivan’s Rejuvenate. With its Vita Skin package, it leaves your animals skin feeling nourished, silky and clean.
Hunter: My favorite Sullivan Supply product is Shock! This product really has no equal on adding show day volume and dimension.

Hunter Woodruff talks with a customer at the trailer.

What advice would you give to a young showman just starting out?
Andrew: Don’t take a single day with your animal for granted. It’s over before you know it.
Taylor: I would tell them to enjoy it because it goes fast! Always take your job seriously and represent yourself, your organization, and this great industry well. You are going to have off days at shows, but remember, those who put in the work at home definitely stand out and some little kid is watching you at all times. Be the role model you had when you were younger.
Hunter: If I could tell a young showman any piece of advice it would be that winning begins at home. If you work hard at home, practice, and prepare your animal the best that you can, win or lose, if you gave it your all you should be proud no matter the outcome.

Andrew Matthews, ready to help out customers during Fort Worth

What would you like Sullivan Supply Customers to know?
Andrew: We do whatever it takes to help our customers in and out of the show ring.
Taylor: We strive to bring strong customer service wherever we are and offer the best and most innovative products. I hope that as a whole our customers feel that they are buying from a friend every time they purchase our wonderful products.
Hunter: Our sales team is full of people that grew up in the industry. We know the animals, know the products and are willing to go above and beyond to help out customers in anyway that we can. I admire our sales team because of the closeness that we share. Working with this team doesn’t feel like going to work at all, I get to come to a place and hang out with my friends all day while accomplishing a common goal.

What do you admire about your sales team?
Andrew: Our ability to work together to achieve a common goal.
Taylor: The thing I admire most about our sales team is how close we are as a whole. As the only girl on the sales team, these boys have become more like brothers I can count on for anything. We don’t always see eye to eye but at the end of the day we work together.
Hunter: What I admire about our sales team is the closeness that we share. Working with this team doesn’t feel like going to work at all, I get to come to a place and hang out with my friends all day while accomplishing a common goal.