Sullivan Supply – Front Office Gal’s in Iowa

Sullivan Supply and the Pulse is excited to feature some of the people that work daily to  keep the store running and your barns and showboxes stocked. We handed out a survey last week with a few fun questions for everyone to answer, and will post responses in the coming days. This first round includes  Tammy, Kristi, Jessica and Erica. These ladies keep the front office running and can be found answering phone calls and responding to emails along with many other things.

The Sullivan Supply Office Manager is Erica Sullivan. She enjoys working with fun people and the fast pace that help make the days go by quickly. She has one of the rarest blood types, AB- and her favorite song is Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Jessica Brock is the Assistant Office Manager, and initially joined the team for a summer job. She met so many great people and had such a great time that she never left. Jessica met her future husband Robert Brock that summer, and now they are married and have a baby on the way. Jessica enjoys working for such a close-knit company and helping our customers from all over the world get the show supplies they need. Her favorite song is Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey, while the best advice she has ever received is that life is a journey, not a race. Make each day count!

Working Accounts Receivable is Kristi Little. She was raised on a farm in the Dunlap area, and graduated from Iowa Western Community College. She has been married fro 23 years and has 2 children. On a day to day basis Kristi takes orders, does show accounting, and sends invoices. In her spare time she loves taking photos, and if stranded on a desert island would bring her camera along to help pass the time.

Tammy Klinker is a Customer Service Specialist that enjoys the people she gets to talk with as part of her job. Although you would never guess it now, Tammy was labeled as quiet and shy in high school. One TV Show she never misses is NCIS. However the best advice she has ever received is “If you ain’t first, you’re last” – Ricky Bobby